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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Need You Guys!

"Secret Vantage"
Oil on linen - 6x8"

Hey guys, I would really love your feedback. Some of you who have been following for a while will remember the project I created in the spring of 2010 to paint 100 plein air paintings in 100 days. (The painting above was #74).

Well, I am finally getting around to putting together a Blurb book of the project and I am on the fence as to what would be most appreciated by viewers. If you could either comment below or send me an email at: with your vote for one of the following options I WOULD LOVE YOU FOR IT!

I started out working on a full blown version documenting the adventure but I can see it will take mucho hours to put together so I thought I would step back and check in with you all for your valued opinions. Here are the options:

  • A) The full project, all 100 paintings plus a fair bit of the blog commentary that went with them.
  • B) The full project - paintings only - no commentary
  • C) My favourite 50 paintings from the project with blog commentary.
  • D) Just my favourite 50 paintings from the project - no commentary.
  • E) Finally, if you think option A - could you please comment if you think it best to have the commentary along with the paintings, or the paintings solo up front with an indexed commentary at the back.
For those who weren't following the project, the blog commentary ranges from highlights of each day's experiences to the things I learned as I was working my way through. If you have the time - I really appreciate you weighing in on this!


  1. My first selfish choice is option A with commentary along with the paintings.

    My second choice (which would still be great) while bearing in mind what a large task option A would be for you, is option C...50 favorites plus commentary.

    I'm in love with your paintings, tips, and sharing of knowledge!

  2. My vote is D. You are a great writer and we want to hear some of your experiences and process. I am thinking 100 paintings may be a little overwhelming. 50 is a nice number. Good luck with this project. I remember the project well.

  3. I vote for A - the full project with commentary.

    I have a wonderful book by photographer David Muench, titled "Plateau Light", and he has commentary for each photo indexed in the back, and I think that format works very well, so that's what I vote for.

    I'm currently working towards my goal of 100 plein air paintings this year, so I really appreciate and enjoyed revisiting your plein air project!

  4. Hi Liz, I like option A. You put a lot of work into this and may as well show it all.I also think the commentary should be with the alows for more fluid reading and the viewer not having to flip to the back after each painting.I'll buy one from you. Good luck.

  5. 50 best with commentary. Always leave them wanting more...

  6. I love you guys for voting, thanks! I have also been receiving email responses, and of course the answers are spanning the whole range of options, which is great as it really gets me looking at it from all angles.

  7. My fav woud be A or C. Left page commentary and right page the painting, or the other way around whatever your preference may be.
    Great idea Liz!

  8. Lillian Tkach MatisonsJuly 26, 2012 at 11:33 AM

    C with short commentary. Most blogs go on and on and on....too long. Keep it short and sweet with pertinent info only. No need to discuss every brush stroke! Great work, Liz!

  9. I know it would mean a lot of work for you, but I would love to see all 100 paintings with commentary. The commentary with the paintings would be best as flipping back and forth can get annoying. Maybe the painting could be on one page, and the commentary on the opposite page?



  11. First may I say that the painting pictured above is my all time favorite! Include that one!! I vote for A, to include everything, with the text across from the images. However, I realize how much work that would be, so a second choice would be C, 50 images with commentary. I love reading about what you write about your paintings, your thoughts, and tips. In the end, anything you put together will be fantastic!

  12. I think option C would be great! I am really glad you are doing this and I know it will be great!

  13. Great! I'm glad you're doing this. I loved following your journey! My vote would be for 50 with commentary.

  14. I enjoy so much of all you have to share with us and would hate to miss out on anything. Having said that I think "A" would be fantastic with commentary along side the images. It would become my next coffee table book for sure within reach at any time. Thanks for sharing with us all that you do. It is most appreciated Liz.

  15. OK between comments and emails I had 56 responses today to offer feedback. You guys ROCK!

    The pack is leaning heavily toward "A",and these are definitely the most passionate advocates, so looks like that's where I'm headed - but with a bit of a twist on it.

    Thanks so much everyone who contributed, it helped me clarify my direction with this project immensely.

    Love you all!

  16. No. One for sure and be sure to let us know when the book is avail.

  17. Hi Liz,
    I would say option C would be good. your fav 50 paintings plus commentary...and the commentary next to the image would be good.
    My recommendation is to order a printed proof before ordering heaps of them, to check the finished product. i created a blurb book with some of my own painting images 2 years ago and was disappointed with the colour repro and alignment, but I eagerly ordered 50 before waiting to see what the proof looked like when it arrived. dumb mistake.
    Good luck to you.

  18. Wow.Sorry I didn't respond right away. My first thought was C. 50 of your favorites with your awesome commentaries. Depends on size. 6 x 6 or coffee table? They are expensive to make, so be sure you consider your market! Keep us posted! I'll be your first customer!

  19. I think it depends a bit on the size of the book you plan to publish. Do you want to publish a large book, allowing for the future owners to see some nice detail? Then you could go for option A.
    If you plan to make it a small coffee table book, you could decide to pick your 5o to 75 best pieces, with only here and there a note of text (say every 4 or 5 pages). It becomes more of a picture book this way so using enough variation (but not too much) in page design is important to keep the viewer interested.
    Anyway, looks like an interesting project, looking forward to see the result.

  20. I would have to vote for A or C. Mostly A, it would be great!

  21. Add the commentary WITH the picture. It is nice to know what you are thinking, feeling as you are painting that particular painting.
    You have a special gift.

  22. Hello,

    I think option A would be the best option with an indexed commentary at the end.
    Thank you very much!

    Eszter Szicso

  23. A of course. Everyone wants the complete project.
    Very impressive, Liz.