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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gallery Ground Rules

"Rose Parade"
Oil on Linen 10x8"

A recent experience has stimulated some serious pondering about the value of a good gallery. What this looks like is different for every artist, and of course galleries have their own thoughts on it.

After a wide range of experiences, and a few years clattering around the planet, I have gained clarity on what is essential for me when choosing to team up in a business partnership with a gallery. The best way I can think of to share this it to list the qualities that exist in the owner of a gallery that currently represents me. Without fail, she shows up in this way:
  • She has integrity in all of our dealings.
  • She's accessible and easy to talk with about art, and the business of art.
  • She respects my opinions and finds value in them.
  • She believes in my work.
  • She's passionate about art and constantly broadening her exposure to what's out there.
  • She 110% supports my quest to grow as an artist, and gives me the breathing room to make that a priority.
  • She's curious about my other passions and believes they enhance my art.
  • When a sale has been made, she lets me know that a check is on the way and a ballpark time I can expect it. WOW! When you live in world of inconsistent income, this is golden.
What I strive to offer in return are many of the same qualities, as well as honoring my commitments regarding shows, trusting that she's doing a great job whether work is selling or not (not calling her frequently to "see if anything has sold"), never undercutting, fostering great relationships with my collectors and focusing my energy on continually raising the quality of my work.

Your relationship with the person who sells you art deserves the same respect and attention as the other valuable relationships in your life. In many cases your galleries are your future collector's first connection with your work, the impression they make will have lasting effects. Choose wisely, and do your best to honor the partnership and your artistic journey with equal care.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dissecting how we see

"Rose Study"
Original Oil 6x6"

Hey, I just watched a great TED talk on how we perceive things visually. Beau Lotto, founder of Lottolab, a hybrid art studio and science lab, uses optical illusions to demonstrate the way we are wired to see things.

Pretty fascinating stuff, especially interesting to contemplate for artists.

Check it out here:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carol Marine's new challenge

"Lottsa Tulips"
original oils (4 - 4x3" panels)

If you haven't heard about it yet, Carol Marine has started up a new online challenge. Not sure exactly what the deal-io is, but it looks like she's mixing it up each time. This one was the "10 minute challenge". Paint the same thing 8 times, max. 10 minutes a painting.

So to be right up front, a couple of times I totally forgot to start the timer (really), and a couple of others I just let it beep away while I kept on a paintin'. I did not, however, spend more than 15 minutes on any of them. Can't get much done in that time, really had to wrastle with my 'need to complete'. I was a bit cranky, but definitely got looser each one. By #6 (bottom panel, bottom left) my poor tulip had completely wilted under the heat of the lights and I needed to recharge for the last two (right side of the bottom panel).

Super good learning. Follow the link and give it a go!