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Thursday, March 19, 2015

How's the Quality of Your Painting Relationship?

"Snow Dance"
Oil on linen - 24x36"

If you step back and look at your relationship with painting as if it were a partnership with someone that you really cared for - how are you showing up?

Spring is a time of renewal, cleaning out the dust, opening the windows and letting the fresh air in.

What about some spring cleaning for your painting mojo? Could it benefit from a little tune up - or is it perhaps in need of a major overhaul?

Toxic and Constricted 

Here are some warning signs that things are not vibrant and fulfilling. How often are these states of being present in your studio?

  • bored
  • formulaic
  • judgmental (of yourself and/or your painting)
  • in angst
  • agitated by frustration
  • struggling
  • overcoming
  • controlling
  • forcing
  • tight and rigid
  • strongly attached to outcome

Time to lean in and get clear who you're being, and what you want in this relationship. These energies do not support your growth and joy as a painter, but the good news is - you are in charge!

What do you need to do to change it up?

Thriving and Expanding

On the other hand - you may be in the relationship of your dreams! How often do you find yourself in this place in your studio?

  • curious
  • exploring
  • playful
  • open
  • free
  • spacious
  • respectful
  • non-judgmental
  • vulnerable
  • taking risks to stretch and grow
  • fully present and in the moment

If this is you, you are really bringing it in the realm of painting. Bravo! Your heart's all in, the energy's clean - you're good to go!

Upcoming Workshop:

On another note (and it will also help with the spring cleaning! :-), I'm teaching a 3 day workshop in my Canmore studio from April 10-12th. We'll dive in to the key things to focus on in order to to create great design when working from photos. All mediums welcome. More details here.