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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fine Art Online Competition "Fav 15%" selection

"City Lunch" (9x12"- Oil on Linen) was selected as one of the "Favorite 15%" of entries in October's Fine Art Online Competition.  To see the other chosen entries follow this link:

The greatest challenge in this piece was all the wrought iron window grates and the shadows they cast. (This was also what compelled me to paint the scene). I am working a lot these days with trying to paint straight lines in a way that feels painterly rather than mechanical. Figuring out how to vary the shape of them and soften edges here and there required a lot of focused intention. It is amazing how much easier (and less interesting) it is to paint perfectly straight lines.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Time Travelers" - 9"x12"

This is the latest "Different Strokes" challenge, and is hands down one of the most difficult things I have ever painted. Incredible foreshortening challenge, I had to tell myself over and over "these are not 'people', they are simply shapes. Not a head, an arm, a leg, a foot - simply shapes." As long as I could keep my focus there, I was able to get the proportions right, but as soon as I decided I was painting a nose or a chin, it felt like I was being thrown out to sea with nothing to hang on to.

What a valuable reminder this painting was that we are never painting "things", we are painting value, shape, colour, edges, and in the end - if we succeed, we have created the impression of a thing.

It was a tremendous challenge, SO valuable for working on drawing skills, the challenge is up until November 18th and I highly recommend any artist taking it on, it will truly stretch you! You can find it here: 
Don't forget to have fun with it!