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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fine Art Online Competition "Fav 15%" selection

"City Lunch" (9x12"- Oil on Linen) was selected as one of the "Favorite 15%" of entries in October's Fine Art Online Competition.  To see the other chosen entries follow this link:

The greatest challenge in this piece was all the wrought iron window grates and the shadows they cast. (This was also what compelled me to paint the scene). I am working a lot these days with trying to paint straight lines in a way that feels painterly rather than mechanical. Figuring out how to vary the shape of them and soften edges here and there required a lot of focused intention. It is amazing how much easier (and less interesting) it is to paint perfectly straight lines.


  1. Congratulations Liz! I love everything about this piece, the composition, the figure,...and the building in the way you captured the texture of the stucco...a real winner!

  2. The blog size image looks like an excellent photograph, beautifully composed and lit -- but zooming in reveals it is much more than that. Great painting, Liz.

  3. A favorite among many! So well done, Liz, with the color choices, light and shadows, and overall design.

  4. This little painting warms my bones. I love how the colour on the cement thins and thickens. Well done!