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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Take Your Work to a New Level of Awesome

"Bog Grass - Fall" - acrylic on canvas 36x48" by Suzanne Northcott

An invitation to come on a journey of discovery:
The Maker and the Muse - Suzanne Northcott and Liz Wiltzen
Hollyhock - September 22nd-27th, 2013

About a year ago, Robert Genn suggested I consider teaching a workshop this coming September at the amazing Hollyhock Retreat Center on Cortes Island, BC - a beautiful and remote island nestled at the entrance to enchanting Desolation Sound.

The Maker

Robert and his daughter Sara were so enthusiastic and passionate when describing their time spent teaching in this remarkable place that I felt inspired to investigate it futher. As I began to explore the idea, I had a strong sense that the unique mystic of Hollyhock was wanting something in addition to the sound foundational principles that I am so committed to teaching.

The Muse

Suzanne Northcott is both an exceptionally talented artist, and one who breathes the 'why' of creating in every fiber of her being. Everything in me knew this place, this workshop, this undertaking called for a collaboration with this wise and innovative artist, and when she agreed to join me in creating a transformative experience for artists wanting to truly find themselves in their art, it was clear something fabulous was beginning to unfold.

The Adventure

What we have designed together is a soul shifting workshop. It brings the very best of each of our talents and experiences together to take you on a journey that will be a powerful merging of the practical and ethereal elements of the creative process.

We are creating a space that invites you to dive in deeply, to explore, to dance with what unfolds as it is unfolding. And to trust that there will, in the end, be evidence of who you are when you engage with your work in a uniquely playful, courageous and wide open way.

"Nesting II" - Acrylic, ink and charcoal on canvas, 36 x 60″ by Suzanne Northcott

 If you would like to register for the workshop or learn more about it, please follow this link or contact me at: