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Saturday, May 8, 2010

100 plein air paintings in 100 days - #8

#8 - "Lake Louise"
Original Oil 6x8"
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10/04/16 (4:15pm)
Lake Louise is a stunning turqouise blue in the summer, but there was something special about being up there in the spring quiet painting it still under its winter cover.

Today I'd like to share a quote from Keith Hiscock about outdoor work: "What I like about plein air the most is that it is not meant to be a masterpiece or a statement of something profound for the world to contemplate for centuries to come, but simply a sketch, a notation with paint or whatever medium one chooses, of a moment in time where one is actually observing at a particular place their surroundings and trying to make a nice note of it."


  1. I like that quote Liz. Catching the weather and light in a moment in time. I'm really enjoying your work. I like how you've laid in you're shadow and light areas, and the variations within. Keep 'em coming : )

  2. I love this plein air series you are doing. It will be fun to see your landscapes change with the seasons.

    Thanks for sharing the Keith Hiscock quote. It certainly is true and remembering this takes the pressure away. Plein air is a time to enjoy painting and nature. :-)

  3. Love this one, just magnificent. You've really captured the headwall, the light and the shadows.

    It is indeed wonderful to be out painting in the quiet. I am enjoying it too, early in the morning with no one else around.

  4. I love this painting. You have really captured the light. Great brushwork.

  5. The light and cool shadow in this is just wonderful. I particularly like the the way the dark rust sides angle down to the bottom and then the light catches the eye and pulls you right back into the center. Superb!