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Friday, August 12, 2011

Something New and A Little Magic

"A Twist on Tulips"
Original Oil - 6"x8"

You thought I forgot about 50 Flowers in 100 Hours, didn't you? Not so! Just been sidetracked lately.

All proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to relief efforts for the current famine crisis in East Africa. In addition, the donated amount will be matched equally by the Canadian government. In other words - you get a painting and you'll be doin' a whole lotta good!

Something New
I'd like to step outside of the art forum for a moment and share some other news with you. This is my art blog, and I assure you it will remain dedicated to art related posts in the future, but I wanted to let you know about something else I've been up to.

In addition to taking and teaching a lot of workshops in the last year - I have also been pursuing something I'm as passionate about as I am painting - working toward certification as a life coach. It's something I've put off for years, thinking I already had a fantastic career, but the call just kept getting louder and I finally decided to go for it.
The journey from there to here has been enormously powerful and enlightening. I have learned so much about how we get in our own way, and how empowering it is to get really clear about our choices. I've been working with my own amazing coach for some time now, and we've been making some pretty big strides together.

What Is It?
If I were to sum it up, I would say that a great coaching relationship supports you in getting connected with your biggest, most fabulous vision for yourself, and then helps you go out there and get it! (Wimping out not an option.)

If you're curious to find out a bit more about what I'm doing as a coach, and the wonderful benefits of working with one, please check out my coaching website. I've also just started a coaching blog. It will be filled with all kinds of lift your spirit, conquer those naysayer voices kind of inspiration, so if that interests you, please drop on over and have a look.

And Now a Little Magic
This crossed my path a few days ago and I thought you would love it -  a most amazing time lapse video of night turning to day in a very special place in the world. Click on the little white icon on the bottom (to the right of the blue HD) to watch it full screen.


  1. I've read it all, Liz, LIVE ATTUNED on Facebook, here and its new website (and damn it I saw the gorilla - does this mean I am NOT focused?) ... and like anything else you've ever written it is all very eloquent and meaningful. You're sure to do well, certainly that is all I wish (have ever wished) for you my friend. xox.

  2. Such a great post starting with your 50/100 flower painting, then the joy of seeing the magic in the video and of course checking out your new website/blog. Best of luck in this new venture, you will shine with this new career path just as you do with your artwork. Love it when our heart and that inner voice takes us places where we would never go on our own!

  3. What a drop dead juicy little gem of a painting - love the palette.

    Thanks for sharing about your coaching career. It's a wonderful thing to be true to your passion, it allows great things to happen. You're a shining star!

  4. Congratulations Liz! Always seeking to improve and make the most out of your life.
    You painting is beautiful. Glad you did not abandon the project.
    Really cool video!

  5. beautiful painting and great news!! so interested in your new path! best of luck, it sounds wonderful. off to check out the blog etc.