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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Celebrating the Gift

"Among Friends"
Watercolour - 14x21"
Limited Edition prints available

Christmas seems to be a time that inspires reflection on the year we've just lived. As we do this in a year where many artists have experienced a slow down in sales, I think a check in with our hearts is enormously valuable. What if we focused a little less on how sales or career "success" went (even it went swimmingly), and a bit more on how connected we felt with that wonderful, creative flame that burns inside of us.

There is a gift we artists have been given that can sometimes get lost when looking through the lens of material accomplishment, a gift that is kind of the whole point. We get to experience the wonder of taking a flat, white surface and creating a whole world on it in a matter of hours. This is so incredibly cool that at times it takes my breath away. If I never made another dollar from my art, this alone would be worth the ride. :-)

On another note, there is a Christmas post on my blog, The Art of Living Attuned, that I would really love to share with you. Please stop by if you have a moment.

Merry Christmas amazing painter friends, see you on the other side.


  1. Hi Liz! What a wonderful painting, and not a brush stroke in sight! I get lost in the nuances of shadow and light; the enormous landscape of rock and snow; and then, the insignificant three figures that nonetheless, become the vocal point of the whole painting. Brilliant! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and look forward to more brilliance in the new year. Keep well. Janna

  2. Thank you for the post Liz! It is the perfect encouragement for a difficult year!

  3. Thanks, Liz and I hope you have wonderful holiday times too. So nice to see that beautiful watercolor as we're still snow-less in Boston.

  4. A beautiful painting full of depth, is your view on the artist's gift.
    Both the painting and the thought are worthy of lengthy contemplation.

  5. Thanks Liz..You are an inspiration to many..Your work is amazing

  6. This is amazing, I was absolutely sure this was a photo until I saw the writing 'watercolor' underneath, fantastic painting!

  7. What a gorgeous painting! You've really captured the majesty of the mountains. I could get lost in those clear blue shadows.