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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Following Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

 "Fall Shadows"

In my last post I talked about finding a creative outlet that is not about commercial work - a place to go when you feel stuck or stalled and need to feed the fire in a fresh, imaginative way. One way that I love as passionately (and completely differently) than painting is following a camera wherever it might lead me. This in not about gathering painting reference, it is something uniquely its own, a treasure hunt for visual gems that stand on their own.

All you need is a camera, curiosity, and permission to completely lose yourself in the experience.

 "Dumpster Diving"

"Tree Wheel"

All of the photos in this post were taken within a 2 block radius, on the same evening, with my iPhone camera. It was very spur of the moment, and entirely captivating.

Just start looking, once you find your first thing, be open to what is possible and then watch what happens. Things will find you. It is truly remarkable how this works - it's like a magic thread drawing you in, one thing leading to the next, compelling you to follow them into a world of infinite possibilities. Things will appear that are unexpected and surprising, and have always been right there, waiting for you to notice them. Amazing.

 "Leaves on Brick"

"Primary Parking"

"Moments Apart"

Give it a whirl, doesn't have to be in the city, I do this often when I am out walking in the forest - there are things hiding in plain sight all around us...

"A good traveler has no definite plans and no intention of arriving." Lao Tzu


  1. Good Eye and good camera work. Especially like the first two and last two.

  2. Spectacular. Photography and painting have always been, for me, perfect partners. Each is unique and separate yet each enhances the vision of the other.

  3. Amazing eye you have here. I am loving them all.

  4. Ah, I wondered ... photography ... of course! Your camera is always close at hand! Great photos Liz ... Granville Island?

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys! Alice, this isn't Vancouver, it's Calgary - EauClaire market.

  6. Hi Liz! Hadn't been by for a while so stopped to see what you're up to. Interesting posts. I especially love "Tree Wheel" and "Fall Shadows". Gorgeous!