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Friday, January 22, 2010

"Getting Acquainted" 6x6"


I really had fun with this composition, rolling the cherries around until they fell into a playful pattern. I especially liked the stem shadows, they really seemed to tie everything together. The more I play with setting up these still lifes, the more I learn about design - how to create groupings that are balanced, interesting and connected. I am definitely finding this training as valuable as doing the painting itself is.

There's also something about lemons and cherries together that I find very visually appealing, not sure why, so all and all this little painting was a very enjoyable experience.

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  1. your composition and colors!

  2. Liz, your design sense is right on. The bold colours, and delicious highlights make this a show stopper.

  3. Looks so tempting! Not only to eat but even to paint!