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Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Plum Party" 6x6" Oil on Canvas Board

This was the very first "Daily Painting" I did, shortly after I got home from Carol Marine's workshop this summer.

One of the interesting challenges with these little 6x6 guys is composition, and I find more often than not it's most effective if you crop your subject on at least one side. In this case cropping 3 out of 4 sides really seemed to keep a circular rhythm going - with the bowl edge leaving the canvas on the right side and entering back in on the left.

Something Carol taught that really works for me is to set up my arrangement and then use a viewfinder to scout out various compositions. When something flutters in my stomach, it's time to paint!


  1. Great tips! You demonstrate how it really works here. Love this.

  2. This painting is a real little gem. Love the colors as the plums move in and out of the light.
    Beautifully painted!

  3. These fruits look so inviting! Love the play of lights and shadows.

  4. Love the way the light bounces around in this. Beautiful!

    Great cropping tip. I too just got back from one of Carol's workshops and was amazed at how that little viewfinder simpifies matters.