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Friday, March 12, 2010

Heli-painting with Robert Genn

"Little Olive Jar" original oil 6x6"

This was such a challenge! Here's a tip, when painting a jar with an open lid, MEASURE! I had the lid and all it's crazy little details painted before it occurred to me to measure it's width, and it didn't fit the  opening. Needless to say it had to be redone...good practice on all those crazy little details!

On another note, Robert Genn and I will be leading a heli-painting trip in to the Bugaboos (British Columbia) this September. This will be a highly unique, really cool painting adventure. We started taking bookings this morning and already have 6 spots booked (out of 10 available) and almost 50 requests for more info, so check it out now if you're keen!

 For details click here: Heli-painting with Robert Genn.

Update -March 12th -5pm: The trip is now sold out, but there is a waiting list and possibility of adding a second one.


  1. What I think is really neat is that when I saw the tiny avatar of your painting in my blog roll, this looked so super-realistic...then I come to your blog and see the beautiful illusion you so masterfully created.
    This is excellent work!

  2. Wow, just discovered your blog through Robert Genn - fabulous work! I just scrolled through your previous posts and discovered why some of your pieces reminded me of Carol Marine.
    I grew up in B.C. near Vernon and am primarily a portrait painter but force myself to do plein air as well, hoping to some day do something I actually like.

  3. Great job on a very challenging subject (at least for me). My favorite part is the lid and it's reflection.

    Congrats on filling your trip so quickly! Wish I could make it.

  4. Love this! It's simple looking yet complicated. You've done a wonderful job on it.
    I'm happy your trip filled up! It sounds like a dream trip - I've always wanted to go to the Bugaboos. Have a blast and maybe one day I'll join you...

  5. Great painting Liz. Wow, your trip sold out in record time, way to go. I checked out the photos and it looks awesome up there.

  6. I found you through Carol Marine´s blog....I just subscribed. oh ,,,you are the lucky one with Robert and his out of this world what an adventure that will be!!!

  7. Welcome to my blog, thanks so much for signing up! Yes, the trip with Robert will be quite an experience. I have done a bit of heli-painting in the past when I guided for a heli-hiking company, and it is really quite a remarkable thing. The helicopter drops you at the top of the world and flies away, and there you are standing in awe of your surroundings, wondering how on earth you're going to narrow down what to paint out of all the possibilities. And of course having Robert there is the icing on the cake, he is so fun and interesting, and it is quite a thing to watch him paint plein air!