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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100 plein air paintings in 100 days - #99

#99 - "Catching the Light"
Original Oil 6x8"

10/07/17 (7:45pm)
Sometimes you don't even have to try, the light just gives you one. There was so much that was beautiful about this subject, and once again I knew it would be gone fast, so I spent a few moments before beginning to really take note of what I wanted to capture.

Knowing this was day 100, I was so grateful for a gorgeous evening. This painting gave me a chance to work with some of the key things I've learned along the way such as:

  • squinting to make sure I can reduce the scene to 4 or 5 large abstract shapes before starting
  • keeping the distant values light enough (always lighter than I think)
  • neutralizing and blueing colour as it recedes
  • using a few simple brushstrokes to suggest a whole lot of detail
  • choosing what I'm going to say and sticking with it no matter how many other ideas I am seduced by as the painting unfolds...tough one
  • if the wheels are falling off just keep putting paint on 'til it looks right
  • above all - when I'm getting cranky I try to remember to not take myself too seriously - (really tough one...)
All in all it's been one hell of a ride ~ can't wait to share #100 with you guys!


  1. This is glorious. The shimmer on the water is a bit of heaven. What an absolutely amazing experience this has been watching all of these incredible paintings appear. It is with both happiness and sadness that I wait to see Painting #100.

  2. Great points to remember, Liz! I'm going to miss these little gems. Really looking forward to see what comes next, though!
    Congratulations, wonderful job, Liz!

  3. Whew! One to go. The light on this the water reflections, another wow!

  4. another beauty-#100 is going to be a bittersweet post for those of us who have been following you but I know there will be more adventures for us to enjoy in your painting journey.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I love the greens and that little bit of blue sky and of course, the mountain. Quintessentially Liz.

  6. What a beauty! Hard to believe it is only 6 x 8. Speaks alot louder than that.
    I am going to try and print off your tips to remember. Reallyy great.

  7. Another wonderful one! Like everyone else here, I will miss seeing all these wonderful paintings rolling off your canvases. But, I have a feeling you will have another project coming up. Congratulations on a great series of paintings!

  8. bello trabajo !!! felicidades!!!

  9. Love the way you share your tips, and this painting is wonderful, with so few brushstrokes! thanks Liz! Congrats on 100 of them.