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Sunday, August 1, 2010

100 plein air paintings in 100 days - #84/#85/#86

#84 - "The Rundle Range"
Original Oil 6x8"

10/07/09 (5:15pm)
These 3 paintings were done on the same day (4 actually, but the first was a wiper).

Carol Carmichael commented recently to say, "I have NEVER painted plein air and know it would help me progress.  Definitely got me thinking - that's a start. "

Carol, in my experience (and that of all of my artist friends), you can pretty much guarantee your first few plein air sessions will not produce a stellar painting. There are a lot of things to sort out and it takes a few tries to get the hang of it. It's pretty tough to be a once or twice a year plein air painter, I would say if you're going to do it, it's helpful to dive in fully and commit to a fixed time (say 20 plein air paintings of the course of a summer) so that you can push through the start of the learning curve. Fellow artist Bobbi Heath has been doing this and I applaud her tenacity!

I do hope this project has inspired some of you to get out there. I needed a motivator, and would never have been this dedicated if I hadn't made it into a project. Knowing there was a deadline (and a finish line) helped me dig deep and get out when I didn't feel like it, and once I was out there I always (ok, almost always) loved it.

#85 - "Blowing Through"
Original Oil 6x8"
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10/07/09 (7:45pm)
I was painting with Bobbi and Sharon today, and at this point they decided they were done for the day and would rather watch than paint. Based on this I decided to try a 1/2 hour painting, as if I was doing a demo. They were so quiet and respectful while I painted this, and afterward encouraged me to do another. That's when everything changed...

#86 - "Artistic License"
Original Oil 6x8"
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10/07/09 (8:25pm)
3 artists painted this one, even though I was the only one holding a brush. By the time I was halfway in Bobbi and Sharon were both firing out suggestions, one on each side of me:  "Put an orange highlight on the water", "no make it purple", "trees darker", "no - trees lighter". Together: "More paint on the sky, lighter! ooh, ooh - leave those brushstrokes alone!" It was so funny, they were vocalizing the inner dilemmas that are always going on in my head when I'm painting, but it was weird to have it coming from the outside in. It felt like the old cartoons with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other (won't say which one was which) - let's just say it would have been an entirely different painting if I'd been standing there alone - and not nearly as entertaining!


  1. Really like all three of these. Love the warm colors in the trees opposed to the cool mountains. Love the rain in the second. And....last but not least....the color and simplicity in the third one.
    You truly have inspired me to take a leap into the plein air world. Need to find a local group so that I can do something on a regular basis.

  2. Hi Liz: I was waiting for this post! Can't wait to hear what your viewers have to say about the 'group painting'. I suspect that I know which of the shoulders I represent!
    Lovely work

  3. The Rundle Range is beautiful, love those greens, and the reflections as always. And you really do paint the weather superbly, I can feel the wind and the raindrops. And, thanks for the mention! I wish I had been the other Bobbi who was painting with you as well.

  4. LOL! Of course you know you were the angel Sharon! :D

    Carol, you go girl!

    Bobbi, hopefully we'll paint together soon...

  5. Hi Liz, your paintings always have such a lovely atmospheric quality that I feel is so important in a good landscape.

  6. Thanks Amanda. Your work is lovely as well!

  7. Liz, your "Rundle Range" has such a peacefulness about it - I am half expecting the frantic little Sandpiper to fly into the scene and interrupt the tranquility again! What an incredible location you found for us to paint that day and your paintings are a wonderful reminder.
    PS...painting by committee has its fun moments ;)


  8. Quite the ride so far Liz. Has been so inspiring. Have bid on a few and lost. Meant to bid on this one and then it was Britti's birthday so we went down to playland in Vancouver and I forgot!!! Boohoo! anyways can't wait to see the last few and to see what you do next.