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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Heli-painting in the Bugaboos

"Cobalt Lake"
Original Oil 8x10"
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I guided heli-hiking in the Bugaboo mountains of British Columbia for 12 years, and it was such a pleasure to fly back in there last week with two of my dearest friends for some plein air painting. Cobalt Lake is my favourite lake in the world, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to paint it from life.

Today I headed back up to the Bugaboos with a group of keen plein air painters to explore this amazing place and work on our outdoor painting skills.  About 5 cms. of new snow, and air temps were crisp to say the least, but they LOVED it! Here are some photos from our first afternoon out. (click to see larger)


  1. You and your friends are some very hardy plein aire painters. Your Texas friends, who have been experiencing 106 degrees lately, are in awe!

  2. Fantastic, Liz! Looks like a wonderful place to be inspired! Can't wait to see what you've created today.

  3. That is plein air painting!! It's even in the mid to upper 90's here in Maine! Cool air sounds nice. I have your paintings in mind, Liz while I paint here in Acadia.

  4. You girls in those hot climes need to come and cool you toes in out glacial lakes!

  5. Hey Liz, I just discovered your site through Frank Serrano's blog. Your paintings are lovely and evocative. Certainly inspirational for what you can pack into a 6X8. I'm hooked. And jealous too, I want to go heli-painting!