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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Robert Genn arrives with the gang!

View of the Bugaboos from Rocky Point Basin
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Robert Genn arrived in the Bugaboos this morning with 10 eager students, and this afternoon we flew out to this spectacular location to get our feet wet. The crew were troopers, the weather was far from summer warm, but they bundled up in layers upon layers and soldiered on. Most of them did a couple of paintings each in the 3 hours we were out, working in acrylic, watercolor or oil.

Robert giving some guidance to Laurel McBrine.

Tatjana and Sinisa Mirkov-Popovicki starting their first piece, don't think Sinisa stopped smiling the entire afternoon.

Sorry for posting photos and no paintings, will post some of the work from the trip once I get it home and photographed, but I thought you'd enjoy seeing the gorgeous scenery up here!


  1. Sorry to use an overused word, but "AWESOME"!

  2. I agree with Ann -- 'awesome' should only be allowed for settings such as this.
    Looks like you haven't yet had to resort to W.J.Phillips' technique -- painting with his hand and all but the ends of his paintbrush inside a big wool sock! Loved 'Cobalt Lake' and looking forward to more paintings from this spectacular trip.

  3. No need to apologize, Liz. I'm patient and can wait for the paintings.
    LOVE seeing the photos ... continue to enjoy that precious place and keep soldiering on!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Liz! If I were there I'd not be able to stop smiling, either! I'll be watching for each posting and all the while wishing I was there.

  5. I completely agree with AWESOME! I'm speechless, what an amazing place to paint!

  6. Incredible vista Liz!

    I also enjoyed much your 100 paintings in 100 days.

  7. Hey thanks for writing guys, sorry I haven't had time to respond to you personally, it's kind of a 7am-10pm schedule up here. Promise to post paintings very soon!

  8. Oh so spectacular, oh so jealous!! Thanks for sharing tho ;-}