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Monday, January 3, 2011

A new year of adventure!

"Mountain Patterns"
Original oil - 6x6"

This is a little 6x6 I did from a photo last year, quick and fun, I loved the rhythmic patterns and simple, abstract shapes.

I have to say it was great to finish painting for a show right at the end of the year. Now it feels perfect to launch into the new year tackling some fresh subject matter and continuing to keep that bar moving higher.

There are 3 tough competitions coming up in the next month and a half that I will be painting for. Here are the links if you want to take a crack at them as well:

I'm rooting through my resource material looking for the most exciting, challenging subjects I can find. This is what gets me jazzed to get into the studio, it's so fun to step waaaay out of the comfort zone and watch what happens...


  1. Nice painting Liz. Love your enthusiasm and drive. You have been an inspiration to me and countless others. Can't wait to see whats next. Good luck with all and here's hoping your 2011 is great!

  2. Way to go Liz, start off the new year with a bang! I also find it exciting to challenge myself, its what keeps the juices flowing.

  3. The depth in this little painting is amazing. I can feel the wind rolling down off those snow fields...

  4. Love the range of soft grays in this!

  5. These grays are so great! I can't wait to follow all your blog posts and to see the success I feel you will have in your up coming shows. Good luck, your work is wonderful!

  6. Love the abstract shapes and gray palette.