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Monday, February 1, 2010

"Kiwi Stack" original oil 6x6"

This painting was REALLY fun! Biggest challenge...getting the piece of kiwi fruit to stay standing. It kept flopping over and I kept squishing the bottom of it and standing it back up. I set the whole thing up on a piece of glass on top of black cloth, which gives an almost mirror like reflection.

When I paint translucent produce, I try and set the light up so it is slightly backlit, which really brings out a glow that's great to try and capture. It really is about paying careful attention to the value and  color intensity shifts and trying to nail them down.

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  1. Morticians wax! That'll keep the kiwi from flopping over - it's an old studio photography trick!

    Looks great, I am really enjoying that glowing edge of the kiwi.

  2. LOL- great tip Lisa! And other than from a mortician, where would one get there hands on such a thing?

    BTW, LOVE your work!

  3. What great color and strong reflection! Forgive me for giggling at the thought of the disobedient Kiwi. Thanks for describing your set up because I was going to have a million questions about that. Glass on black it. Beautiful effect!