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Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Little Blue Tea Light" original oil 6x6"

I've had this little Ikea candle holder for about 10 years, and every time I light it, I think, "I would love to paint this." Finally I did! I love the warm flame playing against the cool blue glass, and all those groovy little hits of light bouncing around the rim. As always, I was trying to think about edges, edges, edges, and how to keep them soft, which seems to work best by painting the object out into the background, and then the background back in to the object. Losing the drawing and getting it back again and again is such an exercise in continually letting go.

I am constantly amazed by how precious a painting becomes once it's working, but before it's finished - suddenly I lose all my willingness to explore and instead begin wanting to hang on to what I have and not wreck it. Never a good place to paint from as it is so confining and takes all spontaneity and improvisation out of the process. How to let go of rigid control and still be guiding the outcome is an ongoing balancing act and one of the many reasons painting is such a complex and worthy challenge.

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  1. This is amazing Liz! You've highlighted your drawing skills and you loose, brush strokes and wonderful color palette. (Is that Gamblin's Brilliant Blue or Turquoise I see?)

    I am in awe of the detail you got on the glowing tip of the wick.

  2. Thanks Sheila! That is Holbein Oriental Blue, a colour I discovered only recently that I haven't found a way to mix from anything else, so it is a new favorite in my paintbox.

  3. Hi Liz - this is a wonderful piece! All the colours swirling around in the glass are handled beautifully but my favourite part is the flame and THAT WICK! It's absolutely perfect : )

  4. Inspired! I can almost FEEL that you enjoyed painting this. I love the idea, for one thing. And you just NAILED the values. Wow. FASCINATING edges!
    I agree with your thoughts too. I've recently been working on a figure and I've had to relinquish some fears to allow myself to change or repaint something (like 15 times). Here's to being fearless!

  5. Olá Liz Wiltzen, grande trabalho todas essas cores azul
    ao contrário das chamas laranja.
    Jogando núcleos complementares
    impressionista muito.
    Eu tive sorte o suficiente de tempo para fazer uma visita a Paris e eu fiquei sem palavras Perante
    as pinturas da época, é deslumbrante.
    Comprimentos de um admirador de Portugal.
    Damião Vieira

  6. Sorry now in English.
    Wiltzen Hello Liz, great job all these blue
    unlike the orange flames.
    Playing additional cores
    very impressionistic.
    I was lucky enough time to visit
    Paris and I was blown away view
    the paintings of the time, is breathtaking.
    Lengths of an admirer of Portugal.
    Damião Vieira