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Thursday, June 3, 2010

100 plein air paintings in 100 days - #33/#34

#33 - "Evening Sun"
Original Oil 6x8"

10/05/21 (5:45 pm)
These two paintings were painted one right after the other. It was a gray overcast day, and as you can see from the time I started it - I had to really talk myself in to getting out on this one. Was definitely working on the discipline part of the project. I got lucky after I started and got a little sun, which helped brighten things up. My main focus on this one was to try and nail the colours and textures of the foreground marsh and bushes.

#34 - "1st Vermilion Lake"
Original Oil 6x8"

10/05/21 (8pm)
Windy and cold, I elected to paint this one from the passenger seat with the heat on. My goal was to accurately capture the colour and value of these gorgeous evening clouds and sky, something that is almost impossible to get in a photograph. The lake at the bottom was a last minute addition, in reality standing at this vantage the lake is about 100 feet to the right, but I wanted to brighten the foreground and tie it in to the sky.


  1. I am really admiring your discipline. You are cranking out some very nice paintings. Think I will just admire you instead of emulate you. Pretty comfortable painting in my studio.
    Good luck!

  2. Thanks Carol! There are a couple of things I am learning the comfort of the studio lacks. One is a wealth of color and value information that is lost in a photograph. The more important one is a connection with nature that occurs on a deep level when you stand in one place and paint for a time.

  3. These are both beautiful. I am really loving your clouds, and how you make the colors work together (as in these). And you got my hooked, so I posted my first of a ten part series (chickened out of 25 at the last minute, unsure if I could find that many scenes in my chosen location). Thanks Liz, your enthusiasm (and hopefully discipline as well) are contagious, as well as inspiring.

  4. Yeah Liz. Everything I need to work on. Color and value. You are blessed to live close to such beauty. I would not have to look far either. Different scenes, bit still beautiful.
    Just read your comments on brushes. Hit home with me. I love my windsor Newton monarch brushes but they don't hold a lot of paint. A teacher I am working with noe has been trying to get me to convert. What brushes do you recommend?

  5. Great

  6. Great stuff liz, the bush and the marsh grasses have a lovely softness to them. When I look at your landscapes I find it hard to believe they are only 6x8. They feel like larger pieces.

  7. Think you're really succeeding in your aim - to rekindle your love of landscape. These are lovely free paintings. I wonder how you deal with the messy side of oil painting in a car? Any hints would be welcome!!

  8. Hey Carol, I use a variety of brushes. For softs I use mongoose or badger (Lang Nickels, Bob Ross, Isabey's). I also really like Silver synthetics and for bristle Robert Simmons and Killingtons are great. Email me if you would like exact model #'s.

    Amanda, it's amazing how big 6x8 starts to feel when you've done a few!

    Bridget, for painting in the car I just try and get paint that missed the canvas cleaned up while it's still wet. I also find that Armor All Multi-purpose cleaner does a great job of getting dry paint out of my particular car's upholstery.To a degree everything in my life has some paint on it, just part of the deal.