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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

100 plein air paintings in 100 days - #56/#57

#56 - "Valley View"
Original Oil 8x6"
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10/06/21 (1:30pm)
The advantage of starting this project in April was 2 months of bug free painting. That all ended today. Not only did I have ants crawling all over my feet, but there were these nasty little varmits that die and get stuck on and crunchy behind your ears as soon as they bite. Oh yeah, and it was hot. If I sound like a whiner now, you should've been in my head at the time...

But, I loved this scene looking across the valley. It started out well, and then the wheels fell off about 2/3rds of the way in and I thought it was going to be a wiper, but I kept re-focusing and painting and in the end was quite happy with it.

#57 - "Afternoon Build-Up"
Original Oil 6x8"
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10/06/21 (6:30pm)
Walked around and around like a dog packing down its bed before settling on this scene. Noticed it passing by as I went to tromp around in the forest looking for a subject - when I emerged 20 minutes later - it was still there, quietly whispering, "What about this?" I loved the soft cumulus clouds and decided to do the best I could to pull together a foreground that would support them. The interesting thing about a sky like this is that the physical form of it changes continually while in essence it stays the same the whole time you're painting it.


  1. Oh wonderful clouds again, and isn't that more Mount Rundle with the stripey snow? Just love it.

    Picked up #32 at the post office today, it's a beauty! Thanks Liz, for working so hard and making all this beautiful art for us to enjoy.

  2. Thanks Bobbi, and good eye, that is indeed Rundle again, the next day, from a different vantage. Snow's gone now, no more patterns :(

    Glad you like your painting!

  3. Liz, this is just such a strong body of work. What an accomplishment to look at it after painting 100. You are getting to know your subject so intimately. Do you feel a difference when you sit down now as opposed to the first 5? I am loving this : ) And I really look forward to your top 10 list at the end. And I'll give you mine! It's getting harder and harder to pair it down to 10 though : )

  4. Glad you suffered through the bugs. These are so nice. Lovely color and brushwork. Good luck!!

  5. Thanks Kim! The primary difference I notice is that I am quicker at getting going once I find a subject, and have learned a lot about what subjects are best avoided. (This would be different for me than another artist.) I am also feeling more confident, but still doing a lot of wipers, definitely not a winner every time.

    Looking forward to your top 10 list!